Participating in aScooter City Tour in Your Barcelona Trip

Vesping scooter city tour is a type of group tour that involved a group of people riding the Vespa scooter bikes to explore the tourist destinations in Barcelona. This is an economic alternative to the traditional way of visiting Barcelona. You will get to visit all the places that are covered in a traditional tours. In addition, you also get to visit many hidden places that not many people know about.

If this is the first time you are visiting Barcelona, it is highly recommended that you join the scooter city tour. The advantage of the city tour is that the guide can take you to any place of interest that is not in the map. This is a group tour and is suitable for people who are traveling in group for example family members, tourists traveling in group, and etc.

The guide knows all the places including tourism spots and other local places. For example, you can ask the guide to stop you at the best restaurants in the area and they will be glad to include them in the tour. For the city tour, you must go to the Vesping storefront to meet as it is the place where the tour begins.

Everyone who participate in the city tour will be meeting at the Vesping store front and you must arrive on time to avoid other people waiting. the guide can help you with any need you have during the trip. for example, if you want to use the internet for a while, the guide can take you to a place where you can use internet. if you need to go to the toilet, you just let the guide know and he will stop you by at the nearest toilet.

The scooter that you are provided in the Barcelona city tour will be equipped with a GPS system. There are 4 types of tours on the scooter and you have the option of just taking one tour or take more than one tour. You just select a tour and the scooter will automatically take you there. This allows newbies to visit the popular tourist destinations in Barcelona without the need of knowing the direction to the places around there. The direction to the places on the GPS of the scooter is completely accurate.

The staff at the Vesping scooter rental company will teach you how to personalize the tour.

By following the pre-programmed routes, you can quickly arrive at the destination within a time frame of 10 minutes. This saves you a lot of time in your traveling as you will surely take a longer time if you take the public transport. The scooter Vespa city tour is best for people who enjoy motorcycle ride. If you want to climb the mountain, it is recommended that you rent the 125cc bike because it can climb the hill with more power. Learn more about scooter city tour at