Who is more handsome: Steve or the guy in the mask?

Who is more handsome: Steve or the guy in the mask?

I’m Steve, and I absolutely adore the rolling hills and beautiful valleys of the Welsh country. Growing up in Llandudno, near the pier, I really appreciated nature, and once I climbed the top of the Llandudno Lighthouse and saw the view of the land, I knew I found my fix. I am a big time sports junkie, and love the physical challenge that comes with backpacking across the country, and camping under the stars. The trips really test my limits, while simultaneously making it all worth it when I get to see the raw beauty this country has to offer.

Kayaking with steve_opt

I am lucky enough to be able to practice and put these skills to good use with my job as a manager of an outdoor activities company, and to be able to share my love for the open air with many different people.


will at castle

I spent most of my childhood in Pwllheli up on the Llyn Peninsula, right on the water. While growing up, I spent a lot of time in the water, fishing, going on local charter boats and just generally appreciating the sea. I adored underwater wildlife, since the oceans and seas are the one territory that men can’t yet penetrate completely, and I find this utterly fascinating!

Ooh, atmospheric...

Ooh, atmospheric…

After my younger years, I left Pwllehi and went South to stay in Cardiff, where I am currently residing. I made the trip in order to study Physiotherapy, and ended up settling down after finding a job straight from university. It’s a toss up which I love more, really; the ruralness of my hometown or the lively atmosphere of the beautiful Welsh capital!



Zorbing! (FYI: was mega sick afterwards!)

Zorbing! (FYI: was mega sick afterwards!)

I grew up in Conwy, close enough to the Conwy Castle and bridges for me to visit it fairly regularly. That’s probably why I’ve gotten so interested in the history of Wales, since one of the oldest buildings built by a king was near walking distance, and I could see its imposing figure if I just went outside my doorstep. I remember being awestruck by the sheer size of the thing, and have gone on to research more and more about the rich Welsh history, making a pact with myself to attempt to visit as many historical landmarks in the country as I possibly could.

conwy castle2

Steve and I live in Bangor, which is in North West Wales, together with our two very energetic Border Collies, Cara and Tilly, who seem to love the outdoors as much as Steve does.

Cara and Tilly, wanting a ball, not a photograph!

Cara and Tilly, wanting a ball, not a photograph!