What Wales has to offer

Wales has a very temperate climate with dry summers and wet winters, offering a wide variety of camping trips for families to enjoy. There are some excellent sites throughout the country which offer camping in Wales in some of its best locations. Many self catering cottages offer the ideal base from which you can explore the stunning landscape and experience the local lifestyle.

A popular camping site is the Cemaes Mountain. It is situated in Denbighshire and offers outstanding views over the surrounding area. This is a romantic site which was once part of a Roman military camp. This ancient camp is now open to visitors. There is a variety of accommodation available at this site including self catering cottages. If you prefer an authentic old-world charm there are also charming bed and breakfast cottages and traditional Welsh homes.

The Llangollen Valley is also well known for its natural beauty and there is camping available in many parts of this valley. You can choose a walking trail or a short car hire from a number of companies. The landscape here is very varied with rolling hills and valleys bordering on steep cliffs. There is some beautiful old villages nearby which are still occupied and you can sample the local cuisine.

Another popular camping site is the Aberystwyth Bay where there is much for the visitor to see and do. This includes a nature trail and a walking track. There is also a dolphinarium, where visitors can feed the dolphins. It is possible to camp at Aberystwyth Bay but it does depend on the amount of space that you have available. There is a great deal to see and do here so if you are looking for a relaxing and peaceful break then this is a good site to select.

You will find many camping sites on the Anglesey Coast. The Anglesey council does not allow camping on certain dates, so you may have to leave your campsite at another site and find somewhere else to stay. It is possible to stay at most of the campsites that are on the Anglesey Coast. There are also caravan parks and other facilities such as boating, fishing and walks.

If you like a more peaceful holiday then a mountain hiking and camping experience might be a good idea. There are various companies offering this service. There are also facilities for walking and cycling along the mountain. This is a popular activity in the summer months when the suns light makes the landscape more attractive.