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Imagine being awake for 48 hours, while running 100 miles. Charlotte Coleman (45) currently trains to do this during the Mont Blanc race in Italy and Switzerland during a so-called ‘Ultra’ race.

Ultra-running entails running a long way on any sort of terrain, varying from flat trails to mountains. “Technically everything longer than 26.3 miles is an Ultra, but generally it involves runs from 30 miles up to any distance. I know people who have run hundreds of miles,” Charlotte said. Sometimes long distances are split up over a couple of days, but the Mont Blanc race she is preparing for is a non-stop Ultra. “It might take me about 48 hours but I am hoping to finish between 36 and 40 hours in.”

Charlotte specialises in mountain running. “I don’t do flat trails. I don’t like them. I much prefer to be out in the hills. The hillier, the…


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