The Tourism Industry is Brimming with Serious Discounts and Special Offers

If there is one industry which can be said to feature the most discounts, special offers and savings, it has to be the travel and tourism industry. It becomes somewhat of an art to uncover all these savings, but there are plenty of them to go around. In fact, if you do some thorough research and play your cards right, you could be enjoying the life of someone who appears to be making a lot of money — the kind of money which allows you to put in a little bit of time into your work and then enjoy a whole lot more of your time either travelling or engaging in some or other form of entertainment associated with travel and adventure.

This is true even if you’re a student and perhaps especially if you’re a student. Again though, it requires some good research, careful planning and a bit of discipline in implementing those actions which will have you taking full advantage of the discounts and special offers with which the travel industry is bursting at the seams.

“Playing your cards right” doesn’t mean you have to sign up to absolutely every loyalty programme which is shoved in your face. What it rather means is that you balance things out and play them off against each other. If for instance you are indeed a student and you’re studying and commuting in and around an area which is covered by the student bus pass discounts, the money which you save instantly on your commute may be enough to perhaps afford you an extra beer or two immediately, but you shouldn’t make use of such savings instantly.

Putting together these savings with many others can add up to some serious money which you can use to go on a real vacation where the fun activities you engage in aren’t limited by what is otherwise the typical student’s budget. I mean just go to a travel agency and in addition to learning that there are specific savings for students, there’s perhaps even a permanent counter or help-desk set up specifically for students.

Shifting away from our focus on students and the travel-related savings available to them for a little while, basically if you do something regularly in the travel industry (if you use a travel service regularly), you’re missing out on a whole lot of discounts if you’re not signed up to that service’s loyalty programme.

Do you fly regularly perhaps? If so, join something like your airline’s equivalent of the frequent flyer club. In fact, a lot of airlines are signed up to various alliances of their own, like the Star Alliance, which means you can redeem discount points or free tickets and other special offers across airlines.

Then there’s the likes of booking sites and hotel loyalty programmes too. Discounts and special offers are abound if you book through travel agencies and booking sites, some of which will truly blow your mind when you realise that you can go away for much longer on vacation and engage in many more fun activities while you’re away.