Top 7 outdoor activities in Wales to explore with your family

If you are considering going on an outdoor adventure to Wales, there is no reason to hesitate further! Wales is blessed with natural beauty and stunning locales, so it would be a shame to miss out on them. To help you choose what you’d like to focus on, we present the top 7 outdoor activities in Wales to explore with your family.

Engage in rock climbing

Rock climbing is one of the most fun and admittedly intense outdoor activities in the area. The primary location where you can find enthusiasts of this activity is Snowdonia. This should be obvious since Snowdon is the tallest mountain in Wales. However, as you learn more about Wales, you will find out this is not the only location you can visit! Still in the north of Wales, you can visit the island of Anglesey and its sea cliffs of Gogarth. This spot does not offer just the thrill of climbing but some truly stunning scenery. In the south, on the other hand, you can visit Pembroke for some more sea cliff rock climbing, or perhaps the Gower. And these are just a few of the many amazing rock climbing locations in Wales!

Caption: Snowdon rewards all who climb it with truly amazing views.

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Go on a hiking trip

The beauty of Wales’ hills and nature truly cannot be overstated. Wales as a whole evokes a feeling as you’ve stepped into a land of wonder and adventure. Starting with Offa’s Dyke, a crumbling testament to the effort of King Offa, you can enjoy both beautiful nature and the historical heritage of Wales. Then, of course, are the more nature-focused hikes you have available, such as routes through Snowdon, Cadair Idris, Pen y Fan Mountain, and more! Just remember to get properly prepared for it all.

If you plan to pack for a long move from England to Wales, you should make sure you bring all of your hiking equipment. Of course, packing the contents of your house and your equipment could prove to be too difficult for one person to handle. That’s why it’s always a good idea to opt for packing services in Northamptonshire (or the location of your current home) and make sure that skilled people can jump in to help you and save your time. Then, you can just focus on traveling and learning more about the fascinating location you will visit!

Caption: Cadair Idris supposedly grants either poetical talent or madness to those who spend a night on it, making it one of the riskiest outdoor activities in Wales.

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Go on relaxing boat rides

Wales is a country blessed with sea access and plenty of lakes. This means that some of the best outdoor pastimes in Wales revolve around water! Of course, you don’t need to be into water sports or strenuous activities to enjoy this beautiful side of Wales. There are plenty of different cruises that offer a view of Wales’ coast. Alternatively, you can rent out a boat and spend time peacefully gliding across the surface of a lake. Llyn Padarn, Llyn Brenig, and Llyn Brianne are just some examples of stunningly beautiful lakes where you can spend your day. And there’s lots and lots more for you to discover throughout Wales! 

Try your hand at kayaking

You might, however, be more interested in a slightly more exciting version of spending time on the water. However, before we get more into this particular topic, there is a thing to note. In order to be able to enjoy this specific activity on your own legally, you will need to register for a license with either British Canoeing, if you are not from Wales, or Canoe Wales if you are a local. Having gotten that out of the way, here are some excellent choices for kayaking locations:

  • River Taff, with a length of sixty-four meters.
  • Coming in at one hundred and seventeen meters is River Teifi.
  • River Wye – two hundred and seventeen meters long.
  • River Severn, with a fantastic length of three hundred and fifty-four meters.

These rivers provide a nix mix of challenging and relaxing, making them excellent for beginners and long-time enthusiasts. 

Organize a lovely picnic

If you did not include going on a picnic among your outdoor activities in Wales, you would be going amiss. In fact, if you take the time to travel through Wales in a camper van, you will be able to fully enjoy its natural beauty and pick out the prettiest locations to visit. Of course, this is not a requirement. You can visit Swallow Falls or Aber Falls in Snowdonia to admire the strength and scenery of the waterfalls. Go to Carreg Cennen Castle in Carmarthenshire for some fantastic vistas and historical sites to pair with your food. Or even take the time to visit River Llugwy near the Betws-y-Coed village, which offers a unique setting with areas where you can have an enjoyable picnic.

Caption: It is very easy to find locations that seem straight out of fairy tales for a picnic while in Wales!

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Visit some of Wales’ lovely beaches

Here are some of Wales’ prettiest beaches you should visit:

  • Porthdinllaen beach. Located in the Llŷn Peninsula, this beach bans all cars. This means that, while you will be forced to walk a bit, you will be able to enjoy an uninterrupted stretch of nature without any annoyances.
  • Rhossili Bay. This dramatic stretch of beach in Gower is both beautiful and popular. This does mean you will need to put up with more people, though.
  • Barafundle Bay. Located in Pembrokeshire and requiring another long walk from the nearest parking spot is Barafundle Bay. This bay features crystal clear water in whose gentle embrace you’ll be tempted to float in the whole day.
  • Llanddwyn Island. This nature reserve, connected to Anglesey by a stretch of sand that vanishes at high tide, is named after a princess and Welsh patron saint of lovers. It’s as beautiful as it is romantic! 

Take the chance to go horseriding

The final of our recommended outdoor pastimes in Wales to explore with your family is horse riding! With how beautiful the Welsh countryside is, it would be a shame to miss out on the way to enjoy it in style. The best part of this particular option is that the location of most ranches makes it possible to enjoy the beautiful Welsh countryside with the best hotels in Wales available to you!

Final advice

With the top 7 outdoor activities in Wales to explore with your family arrayed before you, it can be tempting to try and do them all. Still, remember that you can always take more trips! Do not overwhelm yourselves and your kids in a rush to see and do it all. Taking your time is the best way to appreciate the beauty of Wales.