Tips for Finding Holiday Deals

Book early

Booking very early in advance, such as a couple of months or even a year prior to your trip can net you some really good deals by itself. This isn’t even considering the different flight promos that become available during different seasons of the year- simply booking really early will not only make sure that you get a slot for your reservation, but you also get an early bird discount.

Don’t travel during peak season

As fabulous as it is to be hitting the beach during the summer, you might not get a chance to tan with all the bodies milling about who also thought that was a great idea. Thinking alike does not always require great minds, so you’ll probably be encountering a lot of warm bodies on the sandy shores during the summer.


This is worse if you plan to bring the kids along, since they have a higher risk of getting lost. Also, seeing as most people travel at this time, bookings become more expensive, though on the flip side, lots of promos will also be available. Still, cramped planes are never fun.

Keep an itinerary

Whilst on a trip, it’s rather easy to get lost in the sites, the sounds, the attractions, and, of course, the cities. There will always be activities that you haven’t foreseen when you were planning the vacation, and you will inevitably want to try everything new that you find.

Going in blind is always fun and exhilarating, but it can burn through your original budget quick, and you may find yourself lacking in funds before the weekend is over.

Keep an eye out for bargains

For those who have the street smarts, the determination and the patience, there are a tonne of bargains for the taking. There are all-inclusive deals, huge discounts and last minute flight promos that may be in your best interest to try out, especially if you know exactly how to go about it.


Being the careful traveler that I am, I had once set aside a huge budget for my trip from Cardiff to Swansea, as well as a safety net of cash in case things went out of control. The last thing I wanted was to be stranded somewhere because I hadn’t thought ahead. I was quite ready to see the last of that money, but I saw some fabulous cheap deals from Cardiff Airport, and was about to just walk on by.

It took me moment, though I figured I did want an adventure, and I still had my safety net, so against all my instincts, I nibbled. I ended up spending a little less than half of my original budget and got to my destination safely.

At the end of the day, you should never take risks while traveling, especially if it’s your first time visiting the area. Calculated risks, however, are a completely separate matter.

Keep your eyes and ears open for any deals you might find, and as long as you are completely sure you’ll get home safe and sound, give them a solid try.