The Top Three Ways To Make The Most Out Of Mythical Wales

If you are planning to spend your holidays in Wales, then you have made a very good decision. Known for its rustic grandeur and otherworldly beauty, stepping foot in Wales will transport you to a magical land that breathes myth and legend. You might just hear the roar of dragons in the faraway mountain ranges or imagine yourself catching an afterimage of the spirit of ladies-in-waiting drifting in the corner of your eye during your tour of one of its many castles. Even if you’re lack an appreciation for the medieval and are more tourist than Renaissance Fair enthusiast, then there’s no need to fret: Wales has a very natural feel to it that allows you to do what your gut tells you to do with an ease and welcome you won’t find anything else. So, without further ado, here are our top three picks to making sure your holidays in Wales become simply unforgettable.

Coast-to-coast trekking.

Yes, we know that you hate to exercise. But if you’re going to walk, why not do it in the fresh and invigorating Welsh air and in the presence of the stunningly beautiful image of the Welsh coastline? If you’re up to it, the Wales Coast Path will be the best way to trek and sightsee at the same time. You will undoubtedly be met with sights of amazing castles on top of steep sea-battered cliffs and a euphoric sight of sea meeting land. And if you get tuckered out along the way, cozy little inns are dotted along the way to help you relax your feet and refresh your energy.

Be the (temporary) king of your castle.

This is for you history buffs and for anyone who wants to get a taste of how the highrollers of the ancient times kicked back and relaxed. Wales is home to hundreds of medieval castles, which sort of explains why a majority of European myths and legends pertaining to the Middle Ages is actually traced back to them. You can walk in halls and chambers that once housed the richest and most powerful men and women of their age and perhaps might imbibe a bit of that confidence yourself. Our personal favourite would be the famed Conwy Castle. With just the right mix of magical and majestic, touring this castle is a must for everyone visiting Wales, no matter what age.


Embrace the local spirit by drinking spirits.

The Ty Coch Inn is no means a commercialized location. Only accessible by foot or via boat, this hidden gem was recently named as the third best beach bar in the world based on a global poll. The ambience of the place is indisputably authentic, with the inn having religious beginnings as a vicarage before it was converted to a pub to wet the beards of the local shipbuilders. The only thing that beats the local air of the inn is the astounding view. Facing the beach directly, you can enjoy a cold pint of beer while basking yourself in the cool seaside breeze of northern Wales.

And there you have it, the three best ways for lucky tourists such as yourself to enjoy the holidays in Wales. Make sure that before your trip, you have been adequately vaccinated, properly prepared, and mentally readied yourself for an adventure you won’t soon forget!