Taking Care of Your New Car Doesn’t Have to Be Boring

When you get a brand new car you are bound to be a bit nervous about keeping it looking good and functioning perfectly in the first few weeks and months that you own it. Does this mean that you have to be really boring about polishing it every day and hardly ever using it?

Thankfully, there are some very sensible ways of doing this that are effective without being dull. If you want to treat your new vehicle well but don’t want to be boring about it then the following are all great tips.

Drive It On Slow But Interesting Roads

You probably already know that it is recommended that you don’t accelerate too harshly in a brand new car. Generally speaking, you don’t want to go over 3000 RPM during the first few thousand miles. This means that you will be doing a lot of smooth and steady driving the first few times you take it out. There is nothing wrong with that but what if you want to add some adrenalin pumping adventures to your driving? In this case, why not look for some slow but interesting roads to go down? For instance, you could look for windy roads that climb up hills or minor roads that pass through valleys and over old bridges. This is a fantastic way of seeing new places in your new car and can be a huge amount of fun too. There is simply no need to go racing along motorways at high speeds to add some excitement to your driving time.


Use Boot Protectors

If you enjoy taking your car out to the countryside for adventure sports then you will be itching to do this in your new vehicle. However, what it you are worried about ruining the interior by carrying climbing gear, bikes or anything else you need for your outdoors fun? The good news is that this isn’t going to be as big a problem as you might think .The easiest approach is to use car boot protectors to keep the interior of your new vehicle in perfect condition. This can even mean that you can take out your dog in the car to the countryside or to the beach without any concerns. By using these simple but effective protectors you don’t need to stop doing anything you love doing, no matter how potentially messy it is. You can also find models for just about any type of car, as you can choose from Audi, BMW and Mercedes boot liners among other types.

Make Washing It More Fun

Washing your car regularly is one of the easiest ways of keeping it looking good and protecting it from the elements. It is also one of the most boring though, isn’t it? If you really can’t stand the thought of doing this then the simplest thing to do is go to your closest car wash and let someone else do it for you. Otherwise, you could try and make the whole process more fun by getting cool accessories like a jet washer. Washing the car only when you have lots of spare time and are in the mood for it is another way of making it seem less boring and annoying. You might also decide to award yourself a treat such as a long drive each time that you do this. Washing the car might never turn into your favourite hobby but it can become more enjoyable than you might fear. You will be glad of the hard work you put in when you see how well it ages in the future.


Use It As Much As You Can

You probably get a warm glow of satisfaction when you look at your new car parked out there in the driveway or on the street. These are great looking machines that can give us lots of pleasure for many years if we treat them well. However, you should avoid falling into the common trap of looking at it more than you use it. At the end of the day, this is a fabulous piece of technology that is designed for you to get out and enjoy it. As long as you drive safely and steadily you won’t do a new car any harm but using it a lot. Why not treat yourself to some long, meandering journeys in your new vehicle? Do this and you will start to feel increasingly comfortable with your car as well as far more attached to it as well.