Simple Tips For Longer Bike Trips

Wales is a wonderful country and going on really long bike trips is definitely possible. It is not at all difficult to build a long route that takes you up and down scenic hills. You can run solo or with the people that you really care about. No matter the case, organizing a really long bike trip is not as easy as you may think. You cannot simply take the bike from the bicycle roof racks in one city and just go on the road.

Obviously, when you want to go on a long trip you will need to gradually build the strength. You increase intensity and length with patients in order to be sure you are going to be able to actually go on the trip you will plan. Be sure that you prepare for at least 2 months in the event you go on a very long trip in Wales. This will be necessary with adding around 30 minutes per ride every day so you can be sure all is going to be perfect. Besides this, remember the following.

Always Pedal Smart

You need to have the cadence of a minimum of 90 rotations per minute so the muscular and aerobic systems are given a break. Cadence is something few people consider. It is similar to lifting weights. You do not want to lift only once. You want to lift 10 times. A similar approach is needed when you pedal.

Drinking And Eating

It is a good idea to drink one water bottle per hour, based on exertion and heat levels. What you will mix with the water is not necessarily something that is important. What is really important is the water you are drinking. A couple of food bites are recommended every quarter of an hour. Building consistency is always crucial. If 2 hours passed before you ate or drank, you need to stop and get something to eat and replenish fluids.

Divide The Bike Trip In 3 Parts

Your ride should be divided in at least 3 equal distances. You should find the very first one as being really simple at spinning speed. The second distance is the one where the muscles start working. When you have energy left, the third part of the trip is going to be what takes you over the edge. Be sure you only gradually grow the effort you put in. Exaggerations in the first part of the trip mean you will have problems.

Watching The Wind

This may sound romantic but it is very important for the experience. When you bike for long distances the wind can be an enemy or a true friend. So many bikers forget about the wind and end up being really tired at around half of the trip. Try to plan your trip based on common wind patterns. This will help so much more than you think.

Always Be Prepared For The Worst Case Scenario

The last tip we have to offer is that you need to carry good emergency gear with you in order to fix a minimum of 2 flats, you need a cell phone, cash, your ID and a mini toolbox. All of these are going to help you so much more than you think since you never know when problems will appear.