Rediscover the Welsh Dragon in Oil Painting

The Welsh dragon is proudly emblazoned on the flag of Wales and has become a recognisable symbol for the country.

The red dragon has been commemorated by Welsh people through tattoos, flags at home or art work. Some people may even own pet dragons – relatives to the mythical kind depicted on the flag –as a way of proclaiming their patriotism.

However, one way that it probably is not interpreted is through oil paintings with the use of photographs of a dragon.

If anyone does own a pet dragon as homage to their Welsh heritage, sending in a photograph of that pet dragon can be used to be turned into a pet portrait which can be used as a personalised representation of the Welsh symbol.

The pet portrait of the dragon is created with the use of canvas and oil painting, meaning that the result will be beautiful and a work of art in its own right.

The Welsh dragon that is seen on the nation’s flag was first recorded as being used as a symbol for Wales in 829 AD, meaning the symbolism of the dragon has been a part of the Welsh identity for many, many years. It is also believed to be used as a battle standard of King Arthur, giving the Welsh dragon monarchical status and association.

With such a strong and bold mythical creature being the symbol for an equally strong nation, it is no surprise that those with Welsh blood are more than happy to use the creature to represent themselves and the country they come from.

However, it is – unfortunately – impossible for any Welsh people or anyone in general, to own a dragon as they are mythical and never existed.

However dragons as animal are a real thing and some people choose to keep them as pets. Much smaller but equally impressive pets.

The bearded dragon has become an increasingly popular choice for a domestic choice of a pet and if you happen to be the owner of one, using your bearded pet dragon to symbolise the country that you are proud of can be a unique way to pay homage to where you are from.

Oil pet paintings are special ways to turn your pets into personalised works of art.

With this pet portrait of your pet bearded dragon, you can have your own special individual version of the recognised Welsh dragon, except it will be one that you know and own for yourself.

Turning your pet dragon into a personalised pet portrait commemorating the Welsh dragon will become a talking point amongst you and your friends. It will also show off your patriotism in a way that most people will be unable to match.

Whilst tattoos and art work are slightly more common forms of displaying your pride to be Welsh, owning a pet dragon and turning it into an oil pet painting is going just one step further.

It may not be a commonly heard of way to appreciate your heritage but it will definitely be a unique way of doing so.