Parc Prestatyn Is My Favorite Place for Several Reasons

The Parc Prestatyn has quickly become a favorite shopping spot for locals, but, for me it is so much more than just a place to find a new dress or a pair of shoes.  Thanks to the expansion and the new shops that were added there were jobs created and I was able to land one for myself.  This is a great thing for me because the job market has been fierce and I had been unemployed for a while.  Things were looking bleak but thanks to Parc Prestatyn they are looking better every day.  My bank account is growing and so is my self esteem with every deposit I make.  It hasn’t just been a blessing for me there are many other people that were able to get jobs too.

Parc Prestatyn is Boosting the Economy

With the Parc Prestatyn more tourist are coming to the town to take advantage of the great deals that are available.  These tourists are not just spending money at Parc Prestatyn they are spending money at other places throughout the town as well, making the economy pick up.  Locals are spending more too with the extra jobs in the two and the two local supermarkets that Parc Prestatyn provides are great for convenience.  Speaking from personal experience; I am spending more money in the town now that I am gainfully employed again thanks to Parc Prestatyn.


Parc Prestatyn is a Great Place to Shop

How nice it is to so somewhere and find most everything you need.  Driving or walking all over town to find your items is not only time consuming it usually ends up costing you more than you intended to spend.  With the new expanded shopping center it is all in one convenient location.  Now that I can save time with my shopping I have more time to spend with my nieces that I adore to the moon and back.  Not only do I get to spend more time with them; I take them to Parc Prestatyn with me and find myself spoiling them because I can’t pass up the wonderful deals I can get.

Meeting New People at Parc Prestatyn

Working at Parc Prestatyn has been a wonderful experience and it has also given me the opportunity to make new friendships.  Not only have a met great people that I work with, but, others that work in different stores.  I have also built relationships with regular customers that will last a lifetime I am certain.


With the tourist attraction I am able to meet people from different places and learn about different ways of life.  I also love the fact that I am the one that gets to help them find exactly what it is they came is search of at Parc Prestatyn.  My job makes me feel like I am doing good for others and after talking to other employees in the Parc Prestatyn they feel the same way.

When all is said and done Parc Prestatyn and the expansion were wonderful ideas.  The economy is better, things are more convenient, the prices are great, the atmosphere is pleasant, and more people are employed now.