Meet Israel: From North to South or East to West – It’s Magical

Israel is country of smaller size and according to some; it is barely up to the size of New Jersey. It is also a prime destination for religious pilgrimages. For the religious people, this land means a lot as it offers the church of holy sepulcher, the western wall and the dome of the rock that are just in Jerusalem’s old city. The capital of this land is itself wonderful and it provides an economic hub for the country as well. It has mountains as well as desert areas. The neighbors of Israel include Palestine, Syria, Lebanon, Jordon and Egypt.

The tourism of Israel is one of the major sources of income. For some tourists, it is just a place they wanted. Its capital is called as Miami of Middle East. It covers every type of tourism that’s why the tourists from all over the world are attracted towards it. Israel has the highest number of museums per capita in the world. Travelling to Israel is not an issue if you have sufficient money obviously. Many of major airlines across the globe go to Tel Aviv direct or you have to take a connecting flight. Flights to Tel Aviv are easily available as the country is attraction for tourism.

What you should visit

There are a few things which are compulsory for visitors to visit.

  • Western wall in Jerusalem’s old city
  • The Bauhaus architecture of Tel Aviv
  • Floating the Dead Sea

The National Trail

The national trail is a marked trail along 1000 kilometers crossing the entire Israel from north to south. The national trail crosses everything including historical places, unique landscapes and archeological sites. One can also hike the trail. There are two good seasons for that. The first one is from October to November and the second one is from February to May. In both these seasons one can expect some rain especially in northern part of the trail so the tourist should be aware of that. The security concerns are not much higher. The hiking is not very dangerous in this part of the world so carrying a weapon for safety is completely unnecessary. The food can be bought from some places the trail passes through. It is better that one should carry some water which will be useful because there can be places especially in the desert region where it will be very useful. The guideline for the Israel National Trail is provided by EL AL. Click Here if you want to go through it.

Best Season to go to Israel

 The combination of weather and holy days can help you determine the best times to visit Israel. The most popular time to travel to Israel is in the late spring and fall, when the weather is warm but not oppressively hot, and fairly dry. Summer brings plenty of tourists, despite the extreme heat (as in, over 100 degrees), especially in July and August. Israel’s winter consists mostly of rain, and can last from late October to February or March.

The recommended season in terms of weather, rates and crowd is May. The weather is not too hot in that season.