Knighton: The Perfect Place for a Cycling Adventure

Cycling has never been a fair weather sport. While most of the time, the preference would be a nice sunny day on a clear road, cyclists still get their routes done in rain, hail, snow or shine and in the steepest and muddiest tracks they can find.

However, as I have mentioned, nothing beats a nice, breezy day on a clear track with rolling hills and green fields around you. There are just some times of day and specific spots that are perfect for cycling, because one of the best things about the sport is seeing the world pass right by you. Wales in general, has always been a cycling-friendly country, because the Welsh backdrop is literally a fantastical one, and has some of the best views for those on two wheels.


As per a specific location for a cycling holiday in the Welsh county, Knighton is as meditative as you can get, being a small market town in Powys in Mid Wales. While having a wide range of routes to choose from regardless of your level of expertise, if you do manage to visit this small town, you will also have a nice little surprise in store if you take your cycling seriously:

The National Cycling Collection– a museum dedicated solely to the history of bikes. Here you will find tonnes of bikes models dating all the way back to the year 1819, and you can clearly see the evolution of design as you will find a wide range from the older ones as mentioned, to the newer designs that are popular today. Cycling celebrities of old and new are also showcased here, and there is a section for the racing aspect of the sport as well.

Aside from the museum, Knighton in general is a pretty good place for a cycling adventure. There are accommodations that cater specifically to those on a bike holiday, and there are a lot of routes that show you the best of what the town has to offer: that is a couple of hundred miles down what can only be described as a place so very far away from the busy life of the city.

Finally, if you had the opportunity to visit the town during the month of August, you might just catch the annual town crier festival, where an otherwise quiet and peaceful group of citizens will have surrounded the local church and fill the air with loud cries and shouts of various things that are all quite important.

While most city folk would initially think there was a protest, it is all just part of an event that re-enacts some of the most significant, important figures during the castle age- the guys who were aware that things were happening, and would tell everyone else about it as well.

All in all, Knighton is a really good holiday spot for any cyclist. It’s a charming town with a charming annual event, here you will find the famous Nation Cycling Collection, and most importantly, it will give you amazing views of the county that makes pedaling feel like a ride through history. After all, four wheels transport the body, while two wheels move the soul.