How to navigate your way across London

London has an amazing transport system and you can get around without spending fancy. Most people who haven’t been here before are unaware of this transportation system and end up booking luxury cars that charge a lot. We will share the best tips that will take you across the city to explore more at a lower fee.

Tips to travel across London

Check out the coolest ways to experience the city life of London. These can be availed by tourists, locals, and people who are shifting to the city:

  1. Buy paper tickets

Yes, it is 2019 and you can still buy paper tickets for underground networks in London. Although this is soon to go obsolete, you can avail them currently. On the contrary, these will not work for buses.

  1. Oyster card

Oyster card is London’s smartcard that lets you avail tickets for bus and tram. These work on Tube, DLR, bus, London Overground, River Bus, and more. You need to tap in/out of your card in the yellow and pink readers when you travel in a tube. For buses, you just need to tap it at the beginning of your journey and it will charge you £1.50 irrespective of where you go.

  1. Cabs

You must have the Uber contact number London to be able to navigate your way in cabs, especially to go to places where other transport will not reach. Cabs are more costly but are perfect to count on if you’ve forgotten the way or it’s too late to return back alone. Cabs can also help you get anywhere you want and save time by choosing shorter routes. You get to explore more sights to see with a little additional charge.

  1. Contactless cards

These are bankcards that come with contactless symbol and you can use them like Oyster cards. The only difference is that you don’t need to load credit on them, but need to make sure that you have enough balance in the account to avail the journey.

  1. Travelcards

People who choose the Travelcard in London can get up on any bus that has the red roundel. If your card has zones like 3, 4, 5, and 6, you can also use these in trams. These cards offer weekly, monthly, and annual discounts.

  1. Top-ups

When you use an Oyster or Contactless card, the system automatically caps your amount depending on how much you spend in a day. It shows if you travel at peak or off-peak and the journey you took. This further helps you to add top-ups as required and continue your journey around London.

If you avail UK Companies Customer Service they will be able to assist you on whom to connect with when to get these travel cards. If you’re shifting here for studies or work, you will need this regularly. There are options for travelers who have come for a week or two so you can avail these traveling aids as well.