Half term ideas: Activities you and your children can do this half term in Wales

Although half term is great, when it comes to the weekend we know how hard it can seem to keep your keeps entertained and happy. To help keep your stress-levels down and to make sure your children enjoy the last few days of their holidays, we’ve put together some half term activities you can do this weekend in Wales.

What to do this Saturday (20th February), Wales

According to the Met Office’s Laura Young the best day to go out this weekend is Saturday, which is, in the most part, dry and cloudy with a little sun in a few spots.

One event your children might enjoy is building their own nest box. This event is taking place at Elan Valley Visitor Centre for National Nest Box Week and is free. Or, if you’re looking for an indoor activity Aberystwyth Arts Centre are hosting a Family Archive Project tomorrow, which asks you to bring in your family photos.

At Wales Millennium Centre you and your family can attend Home Sweet Home – an event that invites you to help the centre build a cardboard modern town.

Here’s a video explaining what Home Sweet Home is all about:

On the final night of this installation, which is the 21st of February, the organisers will be holding a street party.

If you want to go for a walk this half term, a great family walking spot is Moel Famau, which has a car park (you need to pay to park) and well-marked routes up to Jubilee Tower. There are different grades of walk you can do when exploring this vast hill, which can be handy if you have small children.

Here’s a video of Moel Famau:

Although you might be satisfied with the amazing views (Moel Famau is located within an area of outstanding natural beauty), your kids may be less impressed. To make it more fun for them, you could create your own scavenger hunt list, including things they might spot on the walk. Or, if you want to get and about in the Welsh countryside, the National Trust have 10 great ideas for general things to do with your kids.

We particular like ‘the discover what’s in a pond’ idea and ‘go on a barefoot walk’, although they may not be great for the more dirt-adverse kids and parents!

If you’re kids are slightly older, they might enjoy something more adventurous such as mountain biking on the Green Trail in Coed Llandegla, which has been created for familes, or maybe Go Ape at Margem Park:

What to do this Sunday (21st February), Wales

Sadly, on Sunday rain is set to sweep the country so you and your family would be best to stick to indoor activities, unless you’re brave and you have good outdoor clothing anyway!

On rainy days we love going to the cinema. If you want to kickback in front of a film this Sunday, why not visit one of these independent cinemas in Wales?

Another great family activity for younger children is The Frist Time Machine run at The Welfare. This performance has dance, music, theater and a whole load of family fun. You’ll go on a time-travelling adventure with your tot. Tickets are from £5.50 to £6 and the show is suitable for children aged five and over.

To end your half-term, you could always go and see the Hansel and Gretel opera performance at Wales National Opera. The show lasts for two hours and ten minutes and starts at seven fifteen. The show runs from the 21st of February to the 11th of April, so if you don’t catch t this half-term there’s always other nights.