Chasing the Authentic Travel Experience in Ibiza

People whose discovered interests run so deep that they’ve committed to erecting and maintaining a blog could understandably go on and on about their favourite topic until the world stops turning. It’s not different for all the contributors over here at Worldwide Wales, but looking back at a few of the posts I’ve contributed I realised that at times bloggers tend to miss the point in seeking to connect with readers and followers. With someone who might be interested in visiting Spain for instance, what they want to know through reading your post about Spain is exactly what it is that will make them go ahead and book a ticket the next chance they get. I see it often when reading other travel and adventure related blogs as well and that’s essentially what inspired this particular post. Every destination one visits must have something unique to it which they can associate only with that destination. So in an attempt to perhaps recap on that unique “authenticity” of particular destination I’ve visited, here’s a quick look at what I took away from my visit to Ibiza:

If there’s one thing visiting Spain has taught me, it’s that you simply cannot paint an entire country, no matter how small it appears to be on the world map, with a single brush. There are many facets to this charismatic Iberian nation and one just gets the sense that you can find a bit of authenticity in any aspect of Spanish culture. Take the island of Ibiza for example. It’s relatively easily accessible because it’s a popular Al Fresco, beachside party hotspot, but once you’re there you cannot help but feel like you’ve achieved something very significant. I can’t quite put my finger on it, but perhaps it’s just how well turned-out everybody is, even though most beachside party peeps are scantily clad to reveal their summer beach bodies. Maybe that’s exactly what it is. You kind of have to have accomplished something to feel like you’re fully “allowed” to bask in all the entertainment, and it wasn’t until recently that I learned that there’s an actual competition which sort of proves this borderline crazy theory of mine. There’s apparently a sort of get-in-shape challenge run by Maxinutrition, which challenges and aids people to achieve that illusive fitness goal of getting beach-body ready. And guess what? – The prize is a trip to Ibiza, where the majority of the topless guys and bikini-clad gals already look like they all won the competition.

So now if I ever want to jump the gun and effectively “buy” a sense of accomplishment by merely booking a plane ticket (and a ferry ride), Ibiza is the place to be for me.

There’s a whole lot more to see and do in Spain however, so it would be foolish of me to hinge the country’s entire authentic travel experience on Ibiza, but a visit to Ibiza will definitely give any traveller something unique to write, talk or just reminisce about.