A Day of Fun in Rhyl

rhyl 1

I have lived in Rhyl for twenty years and unfortunately through those twenty years it has developed a reputation as being rundown, tack, and way past its prime.  When you mention the town around other people you see the snide looks and here the giggles when your back is turned.  Well, I have news for those nay Sayers; it simply isn’t true.  I have found a lot of great things to do with my two nieces that I love to spoil.  The greatest thing about spending time with my eight and nine year old nieces is that I can spoil them rotten and never have to deal with the consequences; because I get to send them home full of energy and sugar.  Let me tell you about all the great things we found to do this weekend.

Geronimo’s Play Center

This is a three level Jungle Gym that the girls loved.  It was a bit of a task to get to as it is tucked away in the back of the Palace Fun Center.  You will have to get through the maze of games and other amusements that are going to definitely grab the attention of the kids you have in tow; they have no concept of money and think they should do it all.  I suggest blindfolds; just kidding just a simple explanation did the trick with my nieces.  The Play Center is reasonably priced and they operate their system with colored wristbands.  Most of the time you can’t hear which color needs to exit the play area so; you can more than get your money’s worth.



The Seaquarium in Rhyl

This was a great time and I didn’t even know that I liked fish.  The stingrays were adorable because when you see them from the underside they look like smiley faces.   I mean who couldn’t like a smiling sea animal?  The girls were completely mesmerized by the jelly fish that glowed under a black light; alright I was fascinated too.  We stayed there a little longer than we should have I think the people behind us gave up and moved on in hopes to see the jellyfish later.  The biggest hit of the day at the Sea Life Center were the sea lions and the show they performed; the girls wanted to stay and watch it again.


The Seafront at Rhyl

If you are working on a budget you may want to avoid this area.  This place is loaded with amusement rides and carnival games galore.  It is like walking through the impulse section at the grocery store except instead of chocolate; there are all kinds of prizes to win with the expensive tokens they will sell you to play.  I let the girls chose one thing they wanted to do and they opted for the bungee trampoline.  It was a tad on the pricey side, but the looks of sheer joy on their little faces was more than worth it.



The Paddling Pool

At the end of our fun day we met up with my sister and her husband for ice cream and they both conveniently left their wallets in the car, but, hey it’s just ice cream.  We happened upon the paddling pool which totally free to enjoy.  It has waterfalls that are fun for the kids to run through and great for getting soaked from head to toe.  There were some lifeguards on duty, but, it is not exactly deep enough to swim, but, it was great for playing around in with my nieces.


All in all I would say that we found plenty of fun things to do in a town that is supposedly past its prime.