5 Things to do in Phuket Town

Phuket Town may not be a beach destination, but it is a definite highlight of Phuket Island. Phuket Town has a long, interesting history and there are lots of things to see and do. More than enough reason to stay here for a couple of days during your holiday in Phuket. Find yourself a private Phuket villa, perhaps on the east coast of the island. This way, you can stay near the beach and yet, you can easily head into town. Take your time to explore this charming city, the capital of Phuket Province.

  1. Weekend Market

The Phuket Weekend Market is the best and liveliest market on the whole island. The market is locally known as Talad Tai and Chao Fa Market. It is a big market with a covered and open-air section, and the best part of it is the food section which is located near the entrance of the market. You can just keep strolling around for hours, trying new things at every food stall. From seafood and fish cakes to grilled chicken, coconut cookies, mango with sticky rice, fresh juices, fried ice cream, fruits with chilli sugar dip, sugarcane juice – it is one foodie paradise! Then, there is the souvenir market where you can find anything from soap and incense to handmade goods, second-hand clothes, sunglasses, DVDs etc., etc. No matter where on the island you are staying, this weekend market in Phuket Town is a must-visit!

  1. Khao Rang – Rang Hill

Rang Hill, locally known as Khao Rang, is the second highest viewpoint in Phuket Town and it is a popular place to visit. On top of the hill, you get to enjoy the views of Phuket town, you can visit the Golden Buddha and beautiful Thai Buddhist temples, and you can have dinner and/or drinks with friends and family at one of the viewpoint restaurants. There are 3 restaurants, and all feature magnificent views – great for a romantic dinner for two or a happy family gathering. You can even see the famous Big White Buddha rise in the distance, southwest of Chalong.

  1. Phuket Trick Eye Museum

Phuket Trick Eye Museum makes a light and fun alternative to the obligatory ‘grown-up’ museums in this ancient colonial town. Kids will love this museum that features over a 100 3D life-size murals paintings, creating great, unique photo opportunities. While you are at it, also pay a visit to the Upside Down House (Baan Teelanka) for some more crazy and fun family photos. In Asia, there are lots of attractions like this so you’ll be soaking up the local culture when paying places like this. Great family fun!

  1. Colonial Heritage, Chinese Temples and museums

Phuket Town has a whole lot to offer when it comes down to colonial heritage sites. Portuguese architecture, Singaporean and Malaysian influences, Chinese temples, this town is one big melting pot of cultures. To see the highlights, it might be best and the most fun to go on a walking tour, exploring the heritage sites and museums of Phuket Town. It will be a fun and exciting day!

  1. Hanuman World Phuket

Up for some adventure in the treetops of Phuket? Hanuman World Phuket is an awesome adventure park near Phuket Town, featuring roller ziplines and skywalks. The longest zip line is 400 meters, and there are 2 abseiling points and more than a few amazing viewpoints that cause your jaw to drop. They even have a honeymoon zipline for romantic couples on a Phuket getaway.

Written by Stephanie – Villa-Finder.com