5 Theme Parks Which Will Amaze All Thrill Seekers

There are many theme parks across the world, but only the very best offer fantastic twists and turns which your average thrill seeker will really get excited about. Some of the world’s biggest and best roller coasters include Kingda Ka, the Millennium Force, Formula Rossa, El Toro, and Fury 325 – have you tried them out yet?

On a collective scale, which theme parks offer the best all-round best selection of rides? The following five are certainly worthy of consideration here, making them ideal for adrenaline junkies who are looking for something a little bit extra special. So consider this selection and maybe add them to your “to do” list for 2017 and beyond.

Disagree with this list, or looking for a few more theme parks for inspiration? Fodor’sTravel selected these 15 theme parks as the best in the world, so have a look for further inspiration on where to travel next to get your adrenaline rush.

Six Flags Great Adventure, US

This amusement park in New Jersey has been open since 1974 and is home to the famous Kingda Ka. This is the world’s tallest roller coaster – it’s a steel accelerator, making it one of the most propulsive and breathtaking experiences any theme park fan could wish for.

The train gets launched by a hydraulic mechanism and travels faster than 128 mph in only 3.5 seconds, which is fairly analogous to what Formula One drivers experience. It peaks at some 456 feet and spans over 3,118 feet! After a ride on this, you’ll certainly be eager to tell all of your friends.

The theme park’s history is also quite unusual in how many famous rock bands have performed at the venue, including names such as the Ramones, Beach Boys, Alice Cooper, and Kansas.

Blackpool Pleasure Beach, UK

A theme park UK beach goers have treasured for over 100 years, Blackpool Pleasure Beach is essentially the jewel in the eye of British amusement parks. Simply put, its central attraction is the Big One – this enormous roller coaster stands high above the town of Blackpool at some 212 feet, features a drop of 205 feet, and a top speed of some 74mph. It’s also 5,497 feet long.

Despite the fame of this one ride, the theme park also boasts a huge selection of other exciting options, such as Valhalla. Whilst the park doubles up as a family friendly venue, don’t be put off as there are some scintillating options available.

Busch Gardens, US

Comprising two theme parks, the parks offer unbelievably spectacular rides such as SheiKra, Cobra’s Curse, Montu, Kumba, Cheetah Hunt, Sand Serpent, Skyride, Air Grover, and the Scorpion.

It certainly doesn’t mess around – it knows what it’s there to do and it delivers on its promise with some of the most spectacular roller coasters imaginable. SkeiKra, for instance, is a steel Dive Coaster which was voted the fourth-best new steel roller coaster in 2005 and even now is considered one of the best in the world.


This South Korean theme park features T Express, Rolling-X Train, Amazon Express, the Thunder Falls, the Lost Valley, and the Hurricane. There are plenty of others which create a high octane experience.

One of the highlights is the extremely fast Rolling X-Train, which resembles “twisted breadsticks” and loops and twists about through 360 degrees. However, the T-Express (as you can see on this YouTube clip) is arguably the highlight as it reaches speeds of up to 64mph and some seriously unnerving dips and twists.

Parc Astérix, France

Although this theme park is named after one of the world’s most beloved French characters, this place offers some seriously nerve shredding rides. Chief amongst these is OzIris, but there are also Goudurix and Tonnerre de Zeus – all three are something to behold.

OzIris (here’s another exhilarating clip to whet your appetite) is the one which makes the headlines, however. A steel inverted roller coaster which has been in operation since 2012, it peaks at a height of 131 feet and has a length of 3,280 feet.

There are five inversions in total and after the trademark roller coaster drop there is a dive loop. It’s stomach churning stuff and is a real treat for anyone looking for an adrenaline rush.

The theme park is situated in Plilly, Oise and was opened in 1989, so its reputation is sealed as a real nerve shredder.

PortAventura World, Spain

Situated in the south of Catalonia in Spain, this theme park opened in 1995 and has four roller coasters of note. The most epic has to be the Shambhala, which you only need to look at from a distance to be awe-inspired. The tallest and fastest hypercoaster in Europe, reaching speeds of 83mph.

You’ll also find the Dragon Khan and Furious Braco to be amazing experiences, whilst the Stampida is a wooden roller coaster and offers something new to take on.