5 Amazing Tourist Destinations in the US Northeast

If you’re traveling to the US Northeast, particularly if you’re coming in from outside the country, there are a number of places that you have to stop in order to claim that your trip is complete. Most of these places are very well-documented, and have some type of either modern cultural value, or perhaps have some historical significance, or maybe are known for certain landscape value during certain seasons.

The top five tips to consider when thinking about stopping points include – center your experience around the greater New York area, be sure to see what Boston is like, check out the beaches along the coast of Maine, visit Connecticut for a blast from the past, and any military enthusiast must travel through Gettysburg in order to get that history lesson.

Make New York the Top of Your List

Fly into New York for the beginning of your tour, and be sure to go on a New York Statue of Liberty tour sometime soon after you arrive. It will give you a great overview of one of the most exciting cities in the world, and will set your mind at a good point of absorption for the rest of your trip to springboard off of. If there’s only one thing that you have time to do that’s simply as a tourist, that’s going to be your main goal right there.

Visit the Boston Area

The Boston area is absolutely gorgeous, and depending on what season you’re traveling in, there are a number of different activities that you can check out. Visit Boston’s official tourism site to see what they recommend, and then find out what of the things on their list most fit with the time frame you’ll be there, and your personal interests.

The Maine Coast Beaches

Though when you think “US Northeast,” you might not automatically think “beaches,” the fact is, there are a number of great beaches on the coast of Maine that are hot spots for people to visit, particularly during the summer months. In addition to the beaches there, there are a lot of spectacular nature-centric views you can appreciate during your various wandering journeys.

Travel Through Time in Connecticut

Connecticut is a great place to go in order to understand some of the history of the New England states, as there are places that are set up for tourists to feel as though they’ve traveled back in time.

Gettysburg Is a Must-See for Military Enthusiasts

Anyone who has ever studied military history is going to want to visit the city of Gettysburg in Pennsylvania during their trip to the US Northeast as well. A few museums there are extremely popular and well-put together that do a great job of telling the story of one of the most important military battles in history.