4 Amazing Things to Do When in Berkshire

Berkshire is one of the most amazing places in England, located west of London. It has a lot of things to boast about. Lots of people visit this place each year given how stunning the tourist sites are. If you are planning to head to Berkshire, here are some of the places and things to do in Berkshire to make your trip more memorable.

  1. Take a boat trip

There is a boat trip on the Thames River from Windsor moving towards Runnymede and Maidenhead. There are options for going for a short trip or a full-day cruise. The tip is to book your tickets online to get discounts. You will also get lower ticket costs if you are buying for 20 people. You should also check online for the schedule, so you can easily manage your time. There are also activities along the way if you wish to stop by the areas where the boat passes through.

Sunday lunch cruises along with Victorian steamboat rides are among the best choices. You may also visit a museum in Maidenhead where you will find the Spitfire simulator. If you love exploring and like being up in the air, then a spitfire flight is just for you. To learn about it in detail in order to form an informed decision, a site similar to spitfires.com could be helpful. When you sightsee the area on a spitfire, you can explore more than you had wished and the aerial view can be very fulfilling.

  1. Ride the train

You can take the train that passes through Maidenhead. The train will pass through the popular Great Western Railway built a long time ago but is still in operation now. There are also a lot of celebrity homes in the area along with some of the most celebrated historical figures.

  1. Visit Dorneywood House & Gardens

This 1930s style garden is definitely worth the visit. It contains a cottage garden and lots of plants you have never seen before. This might be a site of lovely plants, but it is also a historical area as the Secretary of State used to live there.

  1. Visit the Village of Streatley-on-Thames

This stands on the opposite side of the River Thames. Due to its location, it is an amazing site for relaxing weekends. If you happen to be in the area over the weekend, you know where to go. There are also cycling and walking lanes available if you are in the mood to roam around and just appreciate the beauty of the place. You may even get a small boat, and you can have a picnic along the river on a lovely afternoon.

These are just some of the most fascinating places to visit in Berkshire. The good thing about this place is that it is very relaxing. You can head there if you are tired of travelling the busy streets of London. You might also want a few hours to yourself where you can reflect and reconnect with nature.

The sheer beauty and elegance of Berkshire are the biggest reasons why people are excited to see what the place has to offer. You should start booking your tickets now, so you can also see the place for yourself and appreciate just how beautiful it is.


Image: Pixabay.com