10 Great Reasons to take a Holiday in Snowdonia

Everybody wants an adventure, one that you just can’t get in the man made jungle. Riding an elevator up the tallest building is just not the same as making the rigorous and exhilarating climb up a tall mountain- there’s also quite a lot to be said about the view that you are rewarded with afterwards.


It’s often difficult to find such a place, where your company are your closest friends and family and your music the sound of birds, the howling of the wind and the splash of a giant wave. Luckily, there does exist such places in this world, and if you happen to be in Wales, it might not be that far off.


Snowdonia is located in North Wales. While the name certainly suggests a winter wonderland of sorts, you won’t be restricted to dangerous snow sports and adrenaline pumping snowman building. The place has far more activities to whet your adventure seeking self, and here are just a couple of awesome things you can do:

Mountain biking in Coed-y-Brenin and Betws-y-Coed

The cyclists among you will not be wanting here. Whether you want to keep on the top of your leg game while on vacation, you are looking for a new challenge or are even looking to try mountain biking for the first time, you’ll be quite happy here.

The trails will accommodate all ranges of skill levels, from the newbie to the professional. You will be cycling against a backdrop of such natural proportions, you might just feel like Gandalf riding Shadowfax.

coed y brenin

Staying in Snowdonia in a yurt

A yurt is like a regular tent, except it’s round. Snowdonia is one of those places that you have assimilate into whenever you get the chance. Wales is a place frequently used as a backdrop for fantasy movies, so you see where I’m going here.

Prepare for a hike in Llanberis Village

Llanberis lies at the foot of the awesomely named Mount Snowdon, on the bank of Llyn Padarn. You’ll find a lot of the outdoor activities based here, such as horse trekking, cycling, hiking, climbing and even scuba diving. It’s a great place to plan your next activity, as well as prepare for the…

Walk up Mount Snowdon

Once you see Snowdonia in the flesh, you just know you will be hiking up somewhere at least once on your trip. The highest mountain in Wales and one of the top three peaks in the UK, Mount Snowdon is the perfect challenge for the moderately fit. Besides, saying you conquered Mount Snowdon sounds pretty darn cool.

Canoeing and Kayaking

Snowdonia has a lot of beautiful bodies of water for you to sail on. Between choosing from those and deciding whether to use a canoe or a kayak means you are going to be literally spoiled for choice.

Kayaking with steve_opt


There is no way you will be visiting Snowdonia and not at least be tempted to go underground. The mountains in the area are wondrous to behold, and one can only imagine what goes on underneath. A dwarven city perhaps? Perhaps.

Rock Climbing

On the flipside, if you don’t want to go down, then you can most certainly go up. Llanberis has always been in the rock climbing scene, and anyone with any skill level will be able to appreciate the experience.

Raft Building

You’re in of the best places outdoors, so you might as well feel like an outdoorsman. Participate in raft building challenges, and, of course, test our your creations. This is a great activity for the more competitive circle of friends.

Visit Beddgelert

gelert grave

A small village in Snowdonia named after a canine legend, and you will find the faithful hound’s grave here. It’s quite a sad story, and you’ll find the village in a similarly beautiful yet somber vibe. Picturesque views, flowing rivers under bridges and alien plants will be your main attractions.

Snowdonia, as you can see, is not short of wonderment. Whether you are looking for an outdoor adventure or would simply like to appreciate one of the more fantastical places in the world, this is a good place to go. In the UK, in general, you will not be having a hard time finding ideas for holidays in Wales no matter what your cup of tea, or coffee, is.